10 tips to help you stop wasting soooo much time on social media

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10 Tips To Help You Stop Wasting Soooo Much Time On Social Media


Is social media the first thing you get on when you wake up? Are you constantly checking your page when you are supposed to be working on a project? Is it hard to go a few minutes without social media? Do you feel like you always have to check how many likes your last post received? If you answered yes to most of these questions, there is a chance that you are allowing social media to impact your productivity in several areas of your life. According to one study, the average person is on social media over 2 hours each day!

It is time to take control of your time so you accomplish the things you are striving for. If you believe that social media is affecting your productivity, understand that it will take time and patience to break this habit. Every time we are distracted, it takes several minutes to get back to the task that you were originally doing, which means you are adding more time to complete the task. This can be very exhausting and irritating. I have a few tips to help stop wasting so much time on.


1.Set a limit

How many times do you want to check social media, how many minutes do you want to spend when you log on, Ex: You may tell yourself 30 minutes a day is your limit – For example: I will only log on 6 times a day for 5 minutes.

2.Schedule times to use social media

Set specific times of the day you will check your page. For example: 12pm, 5pm, and 8pm.

3.Use apps to monitor your habit

Apps like “In Moment” tracks the amount of time you spend on social media. “Checky” is an app you can download to monitor how many times you unlock and check your phone. There are a few other apps that you can research as well.

4.log out of social media

Many of us don’t log out of social media after using it. If you make it a habit to log out of everything after using it, you may begin to notice your habit every time you are logged out.

5.Keep your phone in another room while doing work

Our brain is wired to automatically check our phone when we hear a ring, vibration or even if we see it light up. Removing triggers is an effective way to battle a habit. Put your phone on silent and put it in another room.

6.Remove social media apps from the front page

Once again, we have to remove our triggers. Many of us have our most used apps on the front/home page of our phone. Seeing the app increases your chances of checking it.

7.Track your progress

Remember the limit I told you to set for yourself, make a log and track your progress. Simply note each day and week of your progress. A log is a good way to see your progress and keep yourself motivated.

 8.Turn off all notifications (tickers/texts/emails)

There is red circle with a white number on the top right side of your app that shows how many notifications you have, it is verrrryyy tempting to check your page when you see it. Go to your settings, apps, and turn off your notifications on your social media apps.

9.Find an accountability partner

Good Accountability partners always help. Let someone know what you are working on and tell them how they can hold you accountable.

10.Replace the urge

When you realize you have the urge, try replacing the urge with something productive, such as reading a book you always wanted to start reading, calling and checking on a friend, send a surprise text to someone you haven’t talk to in a while, work on a task you been procrastinating on for several weeks, etc.


By: Dominique Bond

Facebook: Ace Ambition LLC

Instagram: Ace Ambition LLC

Twitter: Ace Ambition LLC

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