This past Saturday my son had the opportunity to attend the “My Son is an Entrepreneur” workshop at Augusta University and it was truly way more than we expected for a few hours. He not only walked away feeling empowered, but proud. As a parent, I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure he has all he needs to be all that God created him to become. We talk about business, community, and service daily. We refer to one another as partners, but as a single mother I felt it was imperative that He also be connected to and mentored by black black business men who have decided to be apart of the process of educating today’s youth and inspiring, encouraging, and empowering them in their journey. I can honestly say that everyone involved with this worship were mission driven and I am excited about the new relationships I was able to grow with other moms who also have a desire to set their sons up for success also. We are forever grateful for this opportunity and look forward to more workshops from Ace Ambition.  Carla Walker


My boys were not happy I was making them miss a football game to go to this worshop, BUT when I picked them up they were so excited & inspired! They thanked me so much for making them go… they also said they want to go to every upcoming event! One of my sons said I don’t even care if I be in the NBA when I grow up… I WANT TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR! lol… they had a great time! – Rachel Ezeala


 ACE Ambition has given my sons a direct path to their brighter future. I thank God for mentorship such as ACE Ambition thats has came along and put a positive perspective into my sons heart.. I thank you Dominique Bond and team for reaching them at the right time of their life. My sons are success in the making!! Thanks for giving us A Blessed opportunity!!!! God Bless!!! – Monica Griffin

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